Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to use USB device in FreeBSD

1. vi /etc/devfs.rules
 add path 'da*' mode 0660 group operator

2. vi /etc/rc.conf

3. vi /etc/sysctl.conf

4. #sysctl vfs.usermount=1

5. #mkdir /usb

6. #chown root:operator /usb

7. insert USB device

8. #ls /dev/da*

9. #mount -t msdosfs -o -m=644,-M=755 /dev/da0s1 /usb

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to Remote upgrade B7079 BMC via Command Line

program: yafuflash v2.30

1. Open Windows Command prompt in Remote Windows Desktop.
2. Type yafuflash -nw -ip BMC_IP_Address -u username -p password -force-boot BMC_filename
B7079 BMC IP:
B7079 BMC username: root
B7079 BMC password: superuser
B7079 BMC filename: 7079d500.i01

Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Remote upgrade B7079 BIOS via Command Line

Program: yafuflash v2.30

1. DC-OFF B7079
2. open Windows command prompt in Remote Windows Desktop
3. type yafuflash -nw -ip B7079_BMC_IP -u username -p password -bios bios_file
B7079 BMC IP:
B7079 BMC username: root
B7079 BMC password: superuser
B7079 BIOS filename: 70797800.ROM

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to setup CentOS 7 to boot up to text mode

systemctl -f enable   <= boot to TEXT mode

ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/ /etc/systemd/system/ <= TEXT mode

ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/ /etc/systemd/system/ <=GUI mode

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to setup SNMP_TRAP in BMC

Hardware environment
SNMP sender
B7079, BIOS v2.03, BMC v7.0 IP:

SNMP Receiver
Windows 7, IP:
MIB file: SNMP_Trap.mib
MIB Browser: iReasoning MIB Browser 11.0

B7079 BMC setting
1.      Use Web Browser remote login to B7079 BMC Web interface.
2.      Click PEF in Configuration menu

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Login to CentOS 7 without Login Prompt

[root@testcentos7 ~]# vi /etc/systemd/system/

Find the line

ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty  –noclear %I $TERM

and change to

ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty --autologin root --noclear %I $TERM

Next boot there will be no login prompt for root user

Refer: kallumama Linux Tutorials

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to install PXE server in CentOS 7.3

1.      Install CentOS 7.3
2.      Download CentOS 7.3 iso (CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1611.iso) to /home/fae/Downloads
3.      Set IP Address as static IP (one for PXE LAN, one for management LAN)
#cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
Edit PXE LAN configuration (enp10s0)