Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to setup SNMP_TRAP in BMC

Hardware environment
SNMP sender
B7079, BIOS v2.03, BMC v7.0 IP:

SNMP Receiver
Windows 7, IP:
MIB file: SNMP_Trap.mib
MIB Browser: iReasoning MIB Browser 11.0

B7079 BMC setting
1.      Use Web Browser remote login to B7079 BMC Web interface.
2.      Click PEF in Configuration menu

3.      Add LAN Destination Entry #1

4.      Select Snmp Trap in Destination Type. Set Destination Address as

5.      Select and modify PEF ID#1 in Event Filter

6.      Add Alert Policy and Policy Entry#1

SNMP Receiver setting
1.      Set SNMP sender IP Address is

2.      Select Walk in Operation

3.      Click “Go” to start

4.      Select Trap Receiver in Tool menu

1.      Remove PSU#1 AC power

2.      Remove System FAN

3.      Re-plus System FAN

4.      PSU#1 AC power return

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