Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Remote upgrade B7079 BIOS via Command Line

Program: yafuflash v2.30

1. DC-OFF B7079
2. open Windows command prompt in Remote Windows Desktop
3. type yafuflash -nw -ip B7079_BMC_IP -u username -p password -bios bios_file
B7079 BMC IP:
B7079 BMC username: root
B7079 BMC password: superuser
B7079 BIOS filename: 70797800.ROM

yafuflash -nw -ip -u root -p password -bios 70797800.ROM

NOTE: The B7079 will auto shutdown if B7079 still in DC-ON mode.

4. DC-ON B7079 via BMC WEB interface or ipmi command. Please help to notice the B7079 will shutdown and reboot again,

5. B7079 boot to new BIOS version.

For Purley platfrom. Need to use yafuflash v4.0.1 or later.
Command as follows
./Yafuflash.exe -d 2 -nw -ip xx.xx.xx.xx -u root -p superuser xxxxxxxx.ROM

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