Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Remote upgrade B7079 BIOS via Command Line

Program: yafuflash v2.30

1. DC-OFF B7079
2. open Windows command prompt
3. type yafuflash -nw -ip B7079_BMC_IP -u username -p password -bios bios_file
B7079 BMC IP:
B7079 BMC username: root
B7079 BMC password: superuser
B7079 BIOS filename: 70797800.ROM

yafuflash -nw -ip -u root -p password -bios 70797800.ROM

NOTE: The B7079 will auto shutdown if B7079 still in DC-ON mode.

4. DC-ON B7079 via BMC WEB interface or ipmi command. Please help to notice the B7079 will shutdown and reboot again,

5. B7079 boot to new BIOS version.

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